Our services


Alca Brasil works in all phases for a successful brand launch, acting with marketing agencies, government, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Product conception

Identify buyer and consumer needs

Align distributors and retailers strategy

Financial analysis

Government regulation analysis


Project qualification

Communication strategy

Brand identity

Distribution structure and strategy

Volume and finance forecast

Competitor analysis

Government registration


Product launch

Sales concept

Result analysis

Go to Market

Alca Brasil is a company focused on niche markets, with a lean structure to provide robust, fast and specialized strategies to reach the market.


Our products are developed by specialized and experienced manufacturers that produces with the most advanced Quality Control techniques. The product quality control encompasses all aspects of manufacturing, ensuring not only reliability, but also exceeding the standards set by Government Agencies.

Distribution partners and retailers

After years of experience, Alca Brasil built a network of distributors and retailers who works with the most successful brands in the Brazilian market. Our network includes partners with different specializations, sizes, abilities and experience to be used according to the requirements of each brand.

Local suppliers

Professional marketing communications and development campaigns require a range of skills that we are committed to provide through our network of support agencies. Designers, advertising agencies and PR, Translators and Graphics are part of our network. Logistic aspects are worked in partnership with our logistics operators.

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